Wound Imaging with WoundExpert IRIS Module

The WoundExpert software is raising the bar for wound imaging documentation quality and accuracy with our WoundExpert IRIS module, utilizing the power of TRUE-See™ Systems’ wound imaging technology.

Clinician workflows are guided to review the previous picture’s orientation and measurement methodology, so we expect consistency from assessment to assessment. Our ongoing patient images are like comparing apples to apples now.”
– Beth Allen, RN, BSN, Specialty Services Director, St. Joseph Healthcare Read about St. Joseph Hospital’s experience.

Wound Imaging Technology

Founded by an award-winning cinematographer and a wound care physician, TRUE-See Systems® was born from a collaborative effort with wound care providers. The resulting patent-pending technology introduced TRUE-See as the most advanced, accurate approach to recording medical images to support documentation. Acting as an extension of the care provider’s eyes, The WoundExpert IRIS module empowers care providers to:

  • Make better clinical decisions based on accurate wound image records
  • Improve patient care and safety by documenting an accurate, evidence-based record
  • Reduce the risk of payment denial and audits with an added layer of security

The WoundExpert IRIS module uses your existing camera and TRUE-See’s patent-pending Calibration Slate to ensure color correctness, picture quality, and measurement consistency through an intuitive, reproducible workflow.

Wound Imaging WoundExpert Wound Imaging with WoundExpert IRIS Module

To find out more information about the wound imaging, WoundExpert IRIS Module, email Sales@WoundExpert.com or call our offices at 800 -411 -6281, option 3. TRUE-See is a copyright of TRUE-See Systems, LLC.