Data Analytics

Market research and ongoing clinical studies can be costly and time-consuming. Net Health has been capturing patient and wound data since 2001. Data collected on millions of wounds from Net Health’s WoundExpert® Research Database, will give you valuable insight into the behavior of the wound care market and critical information you need for your clinical research.

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WoundExpert® Research Database

With over 2 million patient encounters documented annually, WoundExpert is the largest independent source of comprehensive chronic wound data available in the U.S. healthcare market. Net Health offers a rich set of patient data for use in a variety of research settings including:

  • Wound Care Market Demographics
  • Wound Outcomes and Healing Rates
  • Prevalence of Advanced Wound Healing Therapies
  • Prevalence of Procedures
  • Wound Treatment Product Utilization
  • Medications
  • Patient Demographics and Medical Histories
  • ICD9 and CPT4 coding per encounter
  • Wound Etiology Characterization

The WoundExpert Research Database contains records from over 1.5 Million patients treated for 2.1 Million wounds and receiving over 2.3 Million physician orders. Typical conditions found in the WoundExpert Research Database include: diabetic ulcers, arterial and venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, lymphedema, burn wounds, and surgical wounds. This rich set of patient data is available for use in a variety of research areas to:

  • Evaluate the market opportunity for new device or therapy
  • Determine which of several conditions to target for FDA approval
  • Gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts
  • Evaluate how well a therapy is performing under real-world conditions

The Outpatient Wound Clinic Market Performance Report

The Outpatient Wound Clinic Market Performance Report, developed using data from more than 700,000 patients and more than 1.5 million individual wounds documented in the WoundExpert® software, provides wound clinics, hospitals, and therapy manufacturers with detailed, actionable data about wound clinic performance, patient and wound volumes, and therapies.

As the provider of the largest EHR solution in the industry, Net Health has a unique data set from more than 550 independent (non-managed) wound clinics. The report provides benchmarking and trending data on key areas of wound care practice and activities, including:

  • Overview of the wound care industry, including conditions, treatments and clinical settings
  • Referral patterns
  • Admission and visit figures
  • Patient demographics and statistics
  • Wound statistics, including type, prevalence, staging, grading, and trending
  • Diagnoses and treatments volumes

All data is de-identified, meeting federal requirements for protection of ePHI as required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA).

WoundExpert data can be used by academic, government, and private research groups in both retrospective and prospective research projects to learn about product and treatment efficacy, size of chronic wound market, and successful product penetration. The WoundExpert Research Database is available for license to qualified individuals and organizations for use in clinical, operational and financial research. Qualified groups include academic and clinical researchers, medical therapy and device manufacturers, foundations, government entities and NGOs.

Additional services are available from Net Health, including data analysis and data transformation, to better tailor data for your particular research needs. For more information about Net Health’s data solutions, contact us at